Keyword strategy – How page strength can easily be diluted by greed

A common issue of poor SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is where multiple keywords are targeted within a single page, diluting the page’s overall performance.

When we’re requested to review and audit websites, one of the common issues we come across is where multiple keywords have been targeted within a single page. This is poor SEO keyword strategy and the page strength and performance in organic search will suffer for it.

There may be numerous reasons why a multiple-keyword strategy has been deployed, but a primary one will be a bit of greed in trying to get more value out of a web page than is due to it.

When a single keyword is used on a page, that keyword will attract 100% of the strength attributed to the page by the indexing engine. When a second keyword is targeted, the value of the first keyword is diluted, as is the value of the second one.

The same happens when a third keyword is added, but in this case all three of the keywords get further diluted. The following graphic illustrates broadly how this dynamic may occur (NOTE: the percentage factors are for explanation only and may not necessarily reflect the exactly values appended by the indexing engine).

SEO keyword strategy page dilution

Bear in mind that in any keyword-based string, the first words will always be considered by Google to be the most important, and the last the least important. Trying to ‘game the system’ by squeezing in more than one keyword will backfire and will most definitely not help the efforts of getting that page to appear higher up in the search results.

The best strategy is to target a single keyword per page. Sure it’s a lot more work, but each targeted page will most definitely perform better than a multiple-keyword page.

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