You don’t have to be an SEO expert to increase traffic to your website

Your blog can be a powerful vehicle to generate organic keyword-based traffic and improve your Google SERP search results. Best of all you don’t have to be an SEO expert to increase website traffic

Don’t waste all your blog energy simply writing about a topic – build the content around a particular keyword that you want to be found in Google for. The smart blogger targets each post with a keyword, maximizing return on time invested.

Over time you will build up a ‘content inventory’ of well-targeted posts. Don’t be afraid to use the same keyword for other posts, just make sure the content and storyline is fresh and unique. Whilst Google won’t necessarily penalise you for duplicate content, it won’t give you any credit for it either = time wasted.

Even if your blog is intended as a soapbox to voice your ideas, you should have a subsidiary goal of using your posts to supplement other ‘on-page’ search engine optimization efforts, content generation programmes and article marketing from within your website.

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