The long-term value of organic search engine optimisation for your website

If you aren’t currently working on an organic search engine optimisation programme for your website, then you’re going to miss out on lots of qualified sales leads.

Once your site is fully optimised and has been indexed by Google, you will start to see a marked increase in qualified sales leads coming through your website (this could take many months so please be patient). The vast majority will find you through an organic search i.e. typed a particular search term into their browser and your site appeared high up in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

If you didn’t have a good volume of highly performing pages, your new content would take that much longer to perform in Google. The more quality optimised content you create, the more effectively your fresh content will be indexed.

The time you invest into optimising our site to the point where it performs well in Google is quite significant, but if you break it down to a weekly input, it isn’t unmanageable. What is required is a commitment to regularly developing fresh content for your site. Some of the most effective content creation formats are blogging, white papers and articles about a particular technology or development related to your industry.

I’d recommend that once you have developed a single optimised page for the various search terms that you want to be found for, I’d then look at developing secondary and even third level content around the same keywords. This will enable you to have multiple pages appearing in search results, obviously increasing the chances that you will get that all-important clickthrough.

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