Google SEO – It’s an essential for your site to perform online

Many people ask the question: “What is Google SEO?”. Let’s try to answer that using an analogy…

Imagine an author writes a very informative book about trout fishing in Turangi, which many readers would potentially find interesting. Unfortunately he decides to bind it with a plain cover that has no reference to the book title or the author’s name. He duly takes it to the library and leaves it there for visitors to borrow.

A lot of people visit the library and many ask for books about trout fishing, especially in the popular Turangi region. Unfortunately the poor authors book is never lent out as the librarian can’t recall where she filed it, due to the lack of meta information (title and author). So she recommends and loans out all of his competitor’s books rather than his. Sad and rather absurd isn’t it?

The reality is that his book is like most websites – they have no meta information to enable the search engines (online libraries) to index the site and be able to present it to visitors when they do a keyword search for it.

The basic purpose of Google SEO is to develop a number of elements within a web page so that Google can easily identify what the page is about, and then present the appropriate page when visitors perform keyword searches on the topic.

This is of course a very simplistic explanation as there are over 200 ranking factors, and the search engine algorithms change regularly. The graphic opposite illustrates the wide range of factors that Google uses to rank your site. It’s clearly quite a complex subject!

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Google SEO Ranking Factors 

google SEO ranking factors