Google optimisation – It’s critical to your online marketing

Google optimisation is a critical part of your online marketing effort that you can’t afford to ignore. Keyword-based search is very popular and growing by almost 20% each year.

Your website is competing with many sites other for a place at the top of the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Your site certainly has the potential to rank ahead of your competitors in Google but you have to put in effort and some investment to get ahead of them. As they say, you get nothing for nothing!

It’s worth considering that many sites have also been optimised and are worthy competitors. But on the flipside, we find that the majority of site owners we talk to are engaging in PPC (Pay Per Click) AdWords marketing but few have also optimised their sites for Google. This presents an excellent opportunity for you to leapfrog them!

A question we regularly get: How long does it take to improve my website’s ranking in Google?
Answer: Achieving a high ranking in Google is a slow process that requires patience, effort and some investment. None of us has any influence over Google and your site has to “earn” its way into a good position. It may take between six to eight months before your new website starts to perform to its potential in Google, perhaps even longer.

Google optimisation isn’t an expense; it’s an investment. For every dollar spent optimising your site, you will get multiple dollars back in return over the long-term by way of additional leads and increased business.

If you would like to optimise your website for Google search, contact us today.

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